Girls’ Night Get-Together

Introducing a new way of learning and experiencing healing in a group of your choosing! Many of my clients have been asking me to put together meditations and healing sessions for them to enjoy with their friends and family. Here it is!

Do you want something different to do for your next Girls Night in your home?

Invite Laura to facilitate a Healing Girl’s Night!

Invite all of your closest friends or family members to participate in an Evening of Healing

You can choose from:

• Guided Meditation & Healing
• An evening of Energy Cleansing and Balancing
• Learn about Reflexology & Experience a Session

Great for any get together: Bachelorette Party’s, Birthday Celebrations, Celebrating Motherhood, Seasonal or Yearly Get-Together with Friend’s. There are many reasons to get-together with family and friends.

Hostess duties will be to invite your friends and family to enjoy the benefits of a Healing Evening. You can serve light refreshments before and after the presentation portion of the evening. There will be plenty of time for you to connect with each on your guests while I am doing the individual sessions.

As a Hostess you will receive your session free with a minimum of 5 guests. You will enjoy your session before your guests arrive.

    Choose from:

  • Guided Meditation & Healing – you will receive simple instructions and then guided through 3 different meditations – 60-minutes long. After the meditation each person will experience a 15 minute Tuning Fork Session with Intuitive Feedback. $40 a person
  • An evening of Energy Cleansing and Balancing – Beginning with a talk about the Energy Centers/Chakra Centers-30 minutes in length. Energy Healing Session -20 minutes on each person with Intuitive Feedback. $40 a person
  • Learn about Reflexology & Experience a Session — how reflexology works and the benefits of a session-30 minutes in length. 20 minute Foot Reflexology Session on each person $40 or a 30 minute Foot & Hand Reflexology Session $50