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You are the most important person in your life!
 You Deserve Balance!


to create the life you desire, filled with Joy, Love & Peace!  Miles of Smiles is a play on words!  Miles is the steps you take, one foot in front of the other to a life of fulfillment.  Smiles represents the facial expression that lights up your eyes, changing your state of being to one of happiness and Joy.

Miles of Smiles, mission is dedicated to working with you to change, shift & transform your energy so that you can,

Unlock your True Potential” and “Shine your Brilliant Light”!

Astro - Numerology

Using the numbers from your date of birth, the numerical value of your birth certificate name, and degree numbers of the Star and Planets and Houses in your Natal Chart create a Code unique to you.

Group Healing

Invite your friends, family, or colleagues together to experience Powerful Healing Energy.

Energy Healing

Combining Reiki, Aqualead, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Spiritual Healing you will experience a unique Energy Healing Session.


Is a focus compression technique that is done on the Hands or Feet. It works with the body’s natural electrical energy that works with the nervous system to clear blockages.


physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual!

Like a Tree!  The root system always tells the health of the tree.  When we are looking at your energy the foundation of your energy centers is the Root.  Grounding is the term used to connect you to earth and create a solid foundation to clear all your other energy centers to gain Clarity.   

You are in charge of your own physiological state!   

Food for Thought!

One thing I learned a long time ago was that life is what you make it! 

Your Thoughts can lead you down a road:

  • Happiness or sadness
  • It can make you rise or fall.
  • You can think you are successful or a failure.
  • Your thoughts control the way you act and feel.
  • Your mind can imprison you to a life that is limiting or release you to a limitless life with more opportunities that you can imagine.

Life is a journey a process with many experiences that make up your Story! Do you want to change your story?

Are you dreaming about the life that you want without putting action towards achieving it?

About Me

Hello, my name is Laura Canal founder of Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions and this is where the journey began for the business on a Magical Five Mile walk along the beach from Penzance, Cornwall UK to Saint Michael’s Mount.  There is a castle on the island, a pathway appears at low tide to walk over to the island to St. Michael’s Mount.

The year was 2012 it was filled twists and turns in the winding road of life, that transformation can Magically appear if you choose to see it.  Out of adversity comes many opportunities!

I was in the process of changing everything in my life when an unexpected opportunity came for me to visit England with my friends.  During this Magical Five Mile walk, I received many insights and inspirations including the name Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions.  What I learned from this experience was to seize the opportunity of an idea, trust my intuition, and allow it to Flow naturally!

Transformational Coaching


Are you ready for a different perspective?
This Coaching style uses your Personal Number Codes that are unique to you! These codes are embedded into your date of birth and birth certificate name that unlocks your Soul’s Contract. You may be thinking what is a Soul’s Contract? There is a belief that before you are born you have entered into an agreement to fulfill a promise to experience your life in a particular way. It answers the question about your Life’s Purpose, and why you are living this human experience at this time and what you are here to learn.
Throughout your life you may have developed habits and pattern from external sources that don’t resonate with your True Authentic Nature. Let’s dive deeply into you at the core level before you were programmed. Your Birth Code will shed light on your characteristics, purpose, innate abilities, heart’s desire and all your unique gifts.
The key to your personal transformation is Self Awareness. Each code has a polarity of the light side and the shadow or darker side. Understanding how to navigate these polarities will help you transform your life.


“For the past few years, I ‘ve had Laura do my astro-numerology charts and hired her to do a friend’s chart for a Christmas gift (who said it was THE BEST GIFT EVER!). The information and report is extensive and very thorough, but she explains it page by page in person (on Zoom) to address any questions. It really is fascinating to see what the year holds in terms of planetary and numerology influences. Her passion and dedication for the work she does culminates into an experience that is unique and quite incredible. “
Nancy J. Kelly

“Your name is fitting because that is how I am greeted every time I walk in the door…with MILES OF SMILES. It only took one session for me to become hooked. I enjoy everything from the warm inviting atmosphere to the courteous professional sessions. I respect the fact that you explain everything in a way that I comprehend. The fact that you are in tune with every little thing amazes me every single time. It is also a bonus that you offer gift certificates, because that has been a perfect way to introduce many friends and family into the world of reflexology and reiki. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed each and every session and always leave feeling amazing. In a busy world where sometimes its hard to balance all that life has to throw at you. There is nothing like a relaxing reflexology/reiki session to help your inner balance which will in return help with your over all balance. I look forward to introducing more friends to Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions. “
Tami M.

Don't Wait Any Longer. Begin Your Steps to Transformation Today!


Laura Canal
Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions


One-on-One Session on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am - 5 pm (some evening appointments available)

Readings, Classes, and Support Calls will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  

Book in advance!

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