Welcome the New Year of 2021!

Happy New Year 2021!
Welcome to a New Year with a new energy that encompasses change, shifts, and liberation! Trust that the universe has your back! All the events that you witnessed during 2020 were divinely guided for a Greater Purpose that our limited mind may yet to understand. 2020 was the year that was the “Great Teacher”, learning to be flexible and resilient.

2021– is bridging two centuries, in fact, it is bridging two millennia, the 20th Century that ends in 1999 and the 21st Century that began in the year 2000. From the Year 1000 to 1999 each of the years began with the #1, which is connected to the male aspects. This thousand-year period was dominated by the Patriarchal Approach to life. The old order of social structure left so many people confused, separated, divided, lost, and vast numbers of mental illness, because of the logical, linear thinking and using your mind all the time. As we entered the New Millennia in the Year 2000, the process of female influence had taken a more profound role in society. The #2 is connected to the female energies, feminine cycles, and spiral energy. It stands for cooperation, support, diplomacy, nurturing, working together, and intuition.

#20 is the Awakening & #21 is Truth!! “Awakening of the Truth shall set you Free”, in this Universal Year 5 (2+0+2+1). The #5 sits on a rocker, to move, find freedom through change, and shift into the position of where you need to go. Honestly, that may mean that you need to pivot and go in an entirely different direction. It is fast-paced energy with lots of opportunities, risks, and quick decisions. The #5 loves movement, adventure, exploration, and travel, whether that is physically or in your mind’s eye, envisioning what you want in your life. Expect the unexpected, be opened to change, and welcome all breakthroughs!!

Also, #5 is connected to the mind/thought triad in numerology. Discerning the thoughts that you allow into your mind is key. You have a choice of what thoughts you think! Will you stay in the “Present Moment” to receive the gifts from the cosmic/galactic/universal energy? Or will you choose to allow your mind to travel to the future, or back to the past causing worry or fear? Will it be positive or negative thoughts? You most certainly have a choice of what thoughts you think and what intentions you will manifest this year.

On December 21, 2020, the Winter Solstice, the Sun moved into Capricorn and the Great Conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius with the theme of freedom, liberation, and the beginning of a New Age.
Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign and the beginning point of the Winter Season. Saturn is the planet that governs Capricorn from December 21 to January 19. As you travel through the sign of Capricorn, which is connected to the Father, authority figures, rules and regulations, social structures, and traditional moral values. Capricorn rules the 10th House of astrology, career, reputation, responsibility, and social status.

Throughout 2020 we had many astrological aspects in Capricorn which paved a new road and 2021 is the year we travel these new roads. Feeling the excitement and mystery of the unknown!

January is Universal Month 6! This number looks like a pregnant Mother and how fitting as we have given birth to a New Age. It is time to take responsibility, connect our loving energy to our family, whether this is your biological family, cosmic family, or soul family. “We are all One”, everyone on earth is connected and we need to be of service and share our love, and healing vibes with the world. The #6 also rules abundance and financial flow and if your finances are not flowing then you will be asked to change something to get it flowing in abundance. Trust your higher guidance intuitive navigation system to lead the way!

As we stepped into January, we moved out of the shadows of Mars (retrograde) in Aries. This was healing and transforming the Sacred Masculine energy of Mars a personal planet connected to your drive, instinct, and vital energy. On January 7, Mars moves into Taurus, which is universal date 13/4 connected to the Divine Feminine and Venus being the Divine Feminine Planet. Balancing our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to allow the harmony of the yin and yang.

Note: That between January 2 – 13 would be a great time to begin new projects and plan things. On January 14 we enter the shadow of Mercury retrograde that begins on January 30 until February 20th. You will remain in the shadow of the retrograde until March 10th.

New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th UTC 5 am, ETD 12 am (at the stroke of midnight) and every time zone after that is on January 12th.

The Sun and Moon will be at 23 ° and Pluto at 24 ° Capricorn in powerful conjunction that will accelerate the transformation of “power and control”. The chart for this New Moon has many planets at the end degrees of Capricorn and first degrees of Aquarius where Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are bridging these energies. Capricorn is authority figures, government, social structures, and Aquarius connected to humanity and the empowerment of the people. Within a 14° orb there are 6 planets, I am including the sun in this line up although it is a star. The significance is the bridging between the old order and the new innovative ways.

As I mentioned previously Saturn moved into Aquarius along with Jupiter and both have been set free and now able to build something new and joyful at the onset of this New Year.

You may notice that it is time to change what you are focusing your energy on. Ponder this, are you placing your energy towards something and the door is not opening? Then it is time to place your energy elsewhere. Universal year 5 is filled with many diverse options, so find one that is for your highest and best. The #23 gives you the ability to spear on the courage to embrace big opportunities, big changes, and break free from restriction!

Be open and receptive to bring things to the surface, so that you know what you are dealing with and then you will know how to move forward. Are you feeling disempowered or manipulated? Awareness is a powerful tool!

With all lunations, you are given challenges to help you grow. The universe always has your back and offers positive aspects that enhance other areas of your life.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign and the middle of the Winter Season. Uranus is the planet that governs Aquarius from January 19 to February 17. As you travel through this sign of Aquarius, you will feel the unpredictable shock waves of electrical energy that surge through you that deliberately breaks traditional rules, and rebels against what does not feel right. Aquarius is filled with revolutionary, breakthroughs to liberate humanity. Aquarius rules the 11th House of astrology friendships, relationships, and groups.

January 28 the Full Moon in Leo, UTC 7:16 pm, ETD 2:16 pm, PDT 11:16 am

Sun is exactly conjunct with Jupiter at 9 degrees in Aquarius that means that Jupiter is opposite the Moon. It will help to implement the many shifts that are ongoing up until this point. You will feel a call to action, and forward momentum. The sacred warrior in you is going to want to move ahead and benefit from all the Jupiterian energy. #9 is connected to Jupiter and its wisdom, also unconditional love. Jupiter governs learning, higher education, and wisdom. You will love what you are learning.
There is huge healing happening during this lunation. More than ever before alternative solutions will be sought out for your personal health and well-being. Aquarius governs new innovations including preventative health and support of your immune systems.

Mercury stations retrograde on January 30.

Moving into the New Aquarian Age, and connecting to like-minded peer groups and humanitarian causes will show you how you will navigate life moving forward.

May 2021 bring Peace, Love, Joy, and the Happiest of New Years!!

Divine Blessings,
Laura Canal