Issue #44, December 2020

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Welcome to December

 Can you believe that there is only one month left in 2020!  It has truly been a year of “Double Awakenings” and having 20/20 vision to see things that we have never seen before in our lifetime! 

Presently we are moving through the Sun sign of Sagittarius which is governed by the planet Jupiter.  It is a mutable fire sign, that is moving you toward joy, abundance, and expansion.  As we journey through this sun sign, it is the most opportunistic times to integrate change in your life, because it is a mutable sign.  The element of fire gives us vitality and transmutes or transforms what needs to change in order to shift our perspective.  Sagittarius stands for truth, justice, and our belief system.  As we are navigating the 21st Century and preparing for the year 2021, it is interesting how the alignment of the #21 is synchronistic in its meaning, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. 

On November 28, Neptune moved direct after a 5-month retrograde period.  When planets are in retrograde, it is time to review, reorganize, reassess, and reconsider.  Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination, and illusions.  Neptune moved into its own sign of Pisces in 2011 and will stay there until 2025.  Even though its an outer, slow-moving planet, it does have a pivotal effect on our lives.  Neptune will continue at 18° until late January 2021, the # 18 is about unconditional love, this is truly a huge part of our self healing and self empowerment.  Knowing that you deserve your dreams to come true and having the confidence to believe that you are worthy of everything that you can visualize and imagine.  When you reduce 18 to the root number (1+8) =9, this represents endings, releasing and culmination.  Release all that no longer serves you, including people, beliefs, habits, and investments.  Throughout December things that had been hidden to you will be unveiled.  It is time to make your dreams a reality! 

Now we are heading into Eclipse Season, the effects of the eclipse last for approximately 6 months from one season to the next.  Think for a moment!  Think back to late May, June, or early July!  Is there something that you had been working on or possibly an intention that you had set at that time?  This is what you are culminating during this eclipse season.  As you set a focused intention on the Full Moon in Gemini and the New Moon in Sagittarius, this will be processed for the next 6 months or so, until the next eclipse season. 

The day before we entered December, we had a Full Moon in Gemini & Lunar Eclipse at 8°, it governs words, communication, written or spoken words, sorting, and grouping information.  Gemini is the process in which we think and perceive things.  It is fast moving, talkative energy, but light and mutable.

Throughout December communication is the focus, it can be a form of verbal or written communication.    It can be about your self-talk, emotional self expression to another, or a conversation that is light and fun.  It can be listening to news, reading a news article, or reading something on social media! 

When observing the levels of communication and energetic pathways, there will be an unraveling of information that has been hidden.  This can be on a global or a personal level.  It is your job to process the information using your intuition to unveil the truth.         

The code for November 30, 2020 is 3-6-9.  This is the feeling triad of Emotional Self Expression, Love and Humanitarian service.  When you think your way through life instead of feeling your way through life, you are not in touch with the essence of the truth.  The truth reveals itself through the Soul connection.

Our life is filled with words to describe, label, or identify an item or an event.  The fact is most people over think and create this incessant process that is a false sense of self.  We have a need to describe things and cover the world in words, instead of feeling or sensing.  At times we create thoughts based on our interpretation of words and this can cause suffering.  It is the way the ego needs to separate or individualize things whereas the soul likes unite.  When we are processing information based on how it makes us feel, rather than identifying with the words that have no emotion, it takes a lot of brain power and uses a lot or energy.

December is universal month 7!  For the past eleven months we have worked hard, learned, grew, and evolved.  Now it is the time to give yourself a break – Sabbatical.  Take some time to rest, power up your energy battery, quiet the mind, spend time in nature, trust your intuition, and allow the download of spiritual insights.

When quieting the mind and allowing the wisdom to channel through either in the spoken words or written text.  With the flow of the information that is being downloaded the brain is used as a funnel, with the words being download instantly.  No thinking and no mental activity!  Listen in silence!   

Bridging heaven and earth as we transit into the Age of Aquarius.  We are in the final weeks of the Piscean Age.  It is time to withdraw a little bit and surrender to what is!  Attend to who you are at Soul level as a Spiritual Being.     

On December 14 is New Moon in Sagittarius – Solar Eclipse at 23°.  The #14 governs the scribe, the messenger, communication, media, and publishing.  Mercury is at 20° Sagittarius conjunct the sun and moon.  This is a time of awakening the inner strength, courage and boosting your self confidence so that you can expand.  With Mercury in Sagittarius the focus is on truth, justice, and your beliefs. 

Your energy level is increasing now that Mars is beginning to move faster.  You will feel enthusiastic and the momentum is building as you are integrating all the lessons and healing from 2020.  As we are coming to the end of the year, looking back at all that has changed, purged, and released, you will finally feel lighter.  Sensuality and sexuality are increased.  There will be a high level of kundalini energy, as well as conscious awareness, which is giving rise to the Divine Feminine, as we awaken to the New Age. 

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 (12 21 2020), Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius together and both planets are at 0°, this will mark the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.   It is the time that we are beginning a New Life!  

Then on December 29-30 depending on where you live in the world, the first lunation of the Age of Aquarius is the Full Moon in Cancer at 8°. The #8 infinite energy and taking leadership over your life. 

With the observation of this code – 12 30 2020, you can see that there are a lot of zeros which gives it “Divine Protection”.  #30 is creative self expression, being the creator of your life and feeling the joy of the process.    The universal date on December 30, 2020 adds up to 10.  The code is 10-20-30.  1-2-3-Ready-Set-Go Code!!

Your feelings and emotions depend on your thoughts about your life.  When you have the thoughts about your life as being Joyful, Peace and Happiness then that is what you will feel. 

There is a beautiful aspect forming a triangle with the Sun, Moon and Uranus.  Uranus is the planet that rule Aquarius, right at the beginning of the Aquarian Age.  This is a revolutionary time, you will feel a shift, changes, increased intuition, flashes of insight, self discovery, and revelations. This is a time of honoring the unique energy that you bring to the world. 

Focus on Silencing your mind as much as possible!  

Seasons Greeting with the vibration of Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness! 

Divine Blessings,

Laura Canal


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