Issue #45, January 2021

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Happy New Year 2021!

Welcome to a New Year with new energy that encompasses change, shifts and liberation! Trust that the universe has your back!  All the events that you witnessed during 2020 were divinely guided for a Greater Purpose that our limited mind may yet to understand.  2020 was the year that was the “Great Teacher”, learning to be flexible and resilient. 

2021-is bridging two centuries, in fact it is bridging two millennia, the 20th Centurythat end in 1999 and the 21st Centurythat began in year 2000.  From Year 1000 to 1999 each of the years began with the #1, which is connected to the male aspects.  During this thousand-year period dominated by Patriarchal Approach to life.  The old order of social structure left so many people confused, separated, divided, lost and vast numbers of mental illness, because of the logical, linear thinking and using your mind all the time.  As we entered the New Millennia in Year 2000, the process of female influence had taken a more profound role in society.  The #2 is connected to the female energies, feminine cycles, and spiral energy.  It stands for cooperation, support, diplomacy, nurturing, working together and intuition. 

#20 is the Awakening & #21 is Truth!!  “Awakening of the Truth shall set you Free”, in this Universal Year 5 (2+0+2+1).  The #5 sits on a rocker, to move, find freedom through change and shift into the position of where you need to go.  Honestly, that may mean that you need to pivot and go in an entirely different direction.  It is a fast-paced energy with lots of opportunity, risks, and quick decisions.  The #5 loves movement, adventure, exploration, and travel, whether that is physically or in your minds eye, envisioning what you want in your life.  Expect the unexpected, be opened to change and welcome all breakthroughs!!   

Also, #5 is connected to the mind/thought triad in numerology.  Discerning the thoughts that you allow into your mind is key.  You have a choice of what thoughts you think!  Will you stay in the “Present Moment” to receive the gifts from the cosmic/galactic/universal energy?  Or will you choose to allow your mind to travel to the future, or back to the pass causing worry or fear?  Will it be positive or negative thoughts?  You most certainly have a choice of what thoughts you think and what intentions you will manifest this year.

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May 2021 bring Peace, Love, Joy, and the Happiest of New Years!! 

Divine Blessings,

Laura Canal


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