Ultimate Potential!!

What is your Ultimate Potential?
Over the past 4 months, I have been reflecting on this subject and I wanted to share this with you! During our lifetime we have had the limiting beliefs that we are who we are and cannot change the family we were born into and the beliefs that we were taught in childhood.  I am here to tell you that you are a Divine Being and you can change everything with believing that anything is possible!

You were born into a family that will give you the lessons that you need to grow and expand, create the destiny that you were meant to achieve.  When I was young I did not believe this!  I learned to believe what my family taught me. Settling for the life I was told I would have and that I was that I wouldn’t amount to much, but I would be a good Mother.  Yes, I am a good Mother and now a Grandmother!  My children agree with this statement: I love them deeply as my children love me.  That is not boosting!

That’s another belief that was instilled in me from a young age don’t brag about yourself because you will come off as Egoistical.  This is the authentic me and you have the potential of being your authentic self as well.  Shining your light and conveying the loving truth of your “Being”, so that they can brighten their light is called “Service to Humanity”.  Sharing the love energetically is what this time period calls for, so open heart and unconditionally love yourself and emanate that love to your family, friends, acquaintances, in business and social situations.

Social situations became very complex since March when we went on lockdown, isolated in our home, doing business from home and yet, I had many conversations through zoom and Facebook or even on the phone that made it less alone and more “Free to talk” to people all over North America.  I found that I had more time to connect to people that I hadn’t connected with, in years.

The next thing that I did was learn to do online classes.  I did take a few classes to brush up on areas that I hadn’t had time to when I was working, that was Collete Baron-Reid’s Oracle Cards 101, The Ultimate Course.  If you want to learn how to read Oracle Cards or Brush-up on your skills, this class is amazing!  Check out the video and meet Collete https://zk164.isrefer.com/go/OC101-how/LoveSmiles.  If you don’t know how intuitive and you want to find out, take the quiz;  https://zk164.isrefer.com/go/giftquiz/LoveSmiles.  I always played with Oracle Cards, but never took a class to learn from an expert.

Also, I developed a class on zoom to teach Numerology – Lesson 1 – Finding your Life Purpose, and Lesson 2 – Fun with Letters and Numbers.  The last class I developed was Learning your Personal Cycles.  This time period gave me the “Freedom” to explore new exciting things.

I believe that giving yourself permission to do what you want to do is steps towards opening up to your Ultimate Potential.  Knowing that you deserve and are worthy to explore the things you want to and opening that gateway into unknown areas in your life will light the way to trusting your intuition and get you to the top of the mountain.

You have the potential to be, have, or do whatever makes your heart sing!

Divine Blessings