Gift of Clarity

Light workers are individuals that wanted the experience to lead mankind; to light the path for those that are in darkness or in the shadowy areas straddling the light and darkness. The day before the New Moon is the Dark moon — this is a time for deep reflection and contemplation. Opening a circle of unconditional love and the lessons in seeing into the darkness is a *Gift of Clarity*. Clarifying the purpose of our journey to enlightenment, each step of the way brings lessons to move us to the next level of higher vibration.

To understand vibrational frequency: everything in our existence has a vibration; earth, humans, animals, rocks, trees, and plants. We are all connected with everything and everyone on the planet. Universal consciousness is the connection and understanding the energies that surround us is important. We emit and absorb other people’s energies; each person is vibrating at a different frequency. The great news is that you can change your vibrational frequency by changing how you view the world and all that exists in it. Grounding yourself to earth’s energies is a process. Step-by-step you can allow yourself to follow the natural ebb and flow of nature. There are systems and cycles that nature flows for the inevitable birth, re-birth and transformation process. We are ever changing and evolving during our journey, learning the *Law’s of Nature* to assist us to move you to the next level.

Blessings of Love & Light to All!