Hello February!

As we move into February there is still the vibrational resonance of the New Moon in Leo that happened on January 28 and Mercury Retrograde January 30-February 20.

The New Moon in Leo at 9° has an effect over us until the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11. The energy can be turbulent and uncover some deeply hidden secrets. With both Aquarius and Leo, there is fixed energy and with all the aspects being square it creates a lot of tension, misunderstanding, and not seeing the other person’s views. However, in your personal life, you may find that there are breakthroughs and opportunities that surface. Surprisingly, these breakthroughs may be totally different than you ever imaged doing. It is highly possible that you didn’t understand the idea or opportunity before, but the light bulb went off and suddenly you understand it clearly and the outcome is like a dream come true.

To navigate the energies at the beginning of February, stay neutral, and objective. It is best to stay out of the drama, let go of judgment and ride the waves of Light & Love. Pay close attention to where you are focusing your energy. Connect with your Heart and do a breathing exercise to keep you centered. The ruling principle is to be kind and compassionate!

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign – Uranus is the planet that governs Aquarius, you will feel the unpredictable shock waves of electrical energy that surge through you that deliberately breaks traditional rules and rebels against what does not feel right. Aquarius is filled with revolutionary, breakthroughs to liberate humanity. Aquarius rules the 11th House of Astrology friendships, relationships, and groups, humanitarian.

2021 is a 5 universal year and has a lot of the same qualities as the theme Aquarius. There can be revolutionary changes, it calls for being free and flexible.

February is Universal Month 7! Slow down and take some time in silence, quiet solitude, meditation, contemplating, rest, and rejuvenating your energy. It is time for a sabbatical, go within, this is a time to connect internally, filling up your Soul and listening to your intuition. This is a time of receiving spiritual insights, downloads, and intuitive messages.

Being out in nature on the warmer days and filling your lungs with fresh air will rejuvenate your body and clears your mind. Another way to connect with nature is during the summer months collecting nature’s gifts that you can use during the winter.

This is a great month to read books, take a class, or research something that you are passionate about. When you are taking a class or research, use the quiet time to integrate the information that you have learned.

There are times that we allow our minds to wander or possibly your mind is idle and then you start to over-analysis, worry, overthink, or over research to the point where you doubt your inspiration and the “what if’s” begin. This is when you are out sync with your divine purpose and no longer trust your intuitive inspirations and doubt your intuitive messages, downloads, and spiritual insights. This may be a moment when fear, anger, or even panic starts creeping in! Time to shut off the external stimuli and bring yourself back to the center. When you are focused on the external and the lower emotions take over then you can be leaking your “Power” and connecting with Victim Consciousness. You create your own reality by thoughts you think! Engaging with your mind instead of your intuition will pull you down and what you want to do is elevate your frequency and focus on gratitude, appreciation, love, joy, and bliss.

Attending healing session such as massage or distance energy sessions are a fabulous way to reconnect and clear the energy pathways and release blocked energy. Using crystals and stones will help bring yourself back to center, ground, balance, and flow. Going with the flow, letting go, and surrendering to what is!

February 11 – New Moon in Aquarius -UTC-7:05pm, ETD-2:05pm, PTD-11:05am
With the 11 portal open, it’s best to be in the present moment. Letting go of the past and future because there is nothing else that matters. You can handle anything in this present state and trusting the natural intuitive.

There is going to be tension during this new moon because of the quintuple square from Mars & Uranus to the Stellium of 6 light bodies in Aquarius – Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Rx, Sun, and Moon. This meetup in Aquarius is a revolutionary time that we can extricate ourselves from the programming.
Programming is formed by habits that you engage in and this creates patterns in your life. The patterns form a belief, so focus on letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you. This time is revolutionary and taking advantage of your ability to rewire your nervous system and ride the waves of fearlessness. It’s an evolutionary time to grow rapidly. Shifting the habit of being reactionary would serve you well.

When there is tension it needs to be resolved and harmonized. Just know that if there is anything that comes up in your life that is filled with this tension, remember that you have the resources within you to solve the problems. Looking through a lens of fear will create suffering. To resolve any issues the best thing to do is accept what is coming your way and see it as a blessing in disguise, to move into a more positive experience.

Mars is our instinctual drive there can be a sense of wanting to react or lash out or get upset which is the shadow side of Mars, to get angry, irritable, emotional.

We are in a 7 universal month so if you can get out in nature – or if it’s too cold, then find a place to appreciate nature. Go somewhere that you can accept life the way it is and know that there is always going to be life, death, transformation, and rebirth the new energy.

Throughout 2021 there is a square that will we be traveling within range all year along. There are 3 times that it will be exact, and we will be able to feel the clashing tension when it is exact. The first meet up is on February 17 – Saturn/Uranus square exactly at 7°. These are 2 vastly different archetypes. Saturn is known for its limits, control, order, obedience, centralization of power, logical thinking, earthly, tangible, and connection to material gain. This is the structure of society that we are currently moving away from. Uranus has no limits, wants freedom, listens to intuition & insights, awakens to a higher order, connects to the galactic, technology, and aviation. It is about the power of the people in local communities and humanitarian service.

February 27 – Full Moon in Virgo-UTC-8:17am, EDT-3:17am, PTD-12:17am
Three planets merged in Aquarius during this Full Moon in Virgo at 8° which helps your mind expand and increase the forward movement, for you to take action. You will resolve whatever has come up this month, because of knowledge you learned from exploring your internal world and listening to your intuition or gut instinct.

Virgo is about health, healing, and service. Pisces is very intuitive, sensitive, very connected to music and beauty, and unconditional love.

The focus will be on gratitude, appreciation, beauty and create the experience that you want. One quote that has been popping up a lot – Change your thoughts, change your Life-Wayne Dyer.

Now we are going to show you what it feels like to be free to explore and to feel the benefits and reap the gifts of the extrication process that you have been undergoing.

This Full Moon has less tension and more opportunities for healing and to find harmony!

Divine Blessings,
Laura Canal