Full Moon Meditation – Under the Oak Tree


Full Moon Meditation – Under the Oak Tree on Tuesday October 19 at 7 pm.  We will be celebrating the Full Moon in Aries.  Let’s amplify our energy together!



Full Moon’s are a time of Culmination and Celebration!  The Full Moon in Aries is at 27 degrees.  Aries is a Cardinal Fire Signs, the initiator, determined, and driven.  Aries is the ruler of the first House which represents your self-image!  Full Moons are when the Moon is opposite the Sun, Moon is in Aries and the Sun is in Libra.  Libra is the Cardinal Air sign filled with ideas, governed by the ruling planet of Venus. Aries ruling planet is Mars!  Together they are the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

Join this Full Moon Meditation as we sit under the canopy of the Oak Tree, around a cozy fire.  This is the time to find your “Balance”!