Glyphs, Houses, Elements and Planets


Join this workshop to explore the foundations and the basic understandings of Astrology.  Glyphs are the symbols or pictographs that are used in the Natal Chart.  In the chart are 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, and 10 planets.  You will also learn the 4 elements and 3 modes or qualities.

We are going to create cards that will help you learn the basics of astrology!



Join this workshop to explore the basics of Astrology and create a set of Study Cards to play with and learn the signs, planets, houses, elements, and modes.

Are you someone that looks at an Astrology Chart and this, “That’s Interesting”, but it looks like a foreign language?  Astrology is like anything else that you have ever learned in your life.  You didn’t know how to walk, read, ride a bike or swim until you were taught.  Then you practiced and practiced until you got good at it.  Passion is that firey energy that drives you to explore new things that interest you!

During this workshop you will be creating a set of 41 Study Cards:

  • 12 cards one of each of the zodiac signs
  • 12 cards identifying the 12 houses and their themes
  • 10 cards one of each of the planets and their meanings
  • 4 cards – one for each of the elements
  • 3 cards – one for each of the modes

Supplies that you will need:

Large index card – preferably 4 inch x 6 inches (10 cm x15 cm).  Another way is to buy stock paper and cut your cards from that.  Next, you will need thick and thin magic markers or pencil crayons.  Personally, I liked to color code to the 4 elements to help me remember.  You can do whatever you would like they are your study cards.

This workshop with be on Zoom and you will be guided with a PowerPoint Presentation this will be recorded and the recording will be shared with you to watch over, and over again for your future reference.



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