Introduction to Numerology


Join this fun class and explore the Art of Numerology!  In this class, you are going to learn how to calculate your entire Numerology Code, including your life purpose, destiny, heart’s desire, personality, essence, etc.  This class is simple and fun to play with numbers!



Numerology is an ancient art of numbers or the study of numbers.  The use of numbers is an everyday occurrence and they are an integral part of your life.  Numbers are a universal language.  Throughout your life, you have a relationship with numbers, and it begins the day you are born.  On that day you activated a Birth Code, which deciphers your soul contract.  This birth code is a map guiding you on your journey to fulfill your quest during this life on earth.  This Birth Code communicates with your Soul and identifies life’s purpose, heart’s desire, and destiny.  When navigating your map, you follow a system throughout your life that assists in accomplishing your mission.  This system is a 9-Year Personal Cycle. When your life is in sync with your cycles there will be a natural ebb and flow.

We will touch on how to calculate your – Numerology Code and how to calculate your personal year cycle.  This is just the beginning.  I will be putting together another class to go much deeper!

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