Moon Phases and Cycles – afternoon


During this 3 Part Series, you will learn how to flow with the energies of the Moon in your daily life!  The moon orbits Earth in 29.5 days and governs your unconscious habits, feeling, and emotions.

Learn about this powerful tool to navigate your emotions and balance your mental, spiritual and physical life.



Join this amazing journey to understanding the Moon Phases, and how you can balance your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical life.  Understanding the process of navigating the Moon Phases is a very powerful tool.

During this 3-Part Series, you will discover how to navigate the moon phases using the energies of each sign.  The moon orbits the Earth in 29.5 days, which means that it highlights all 12 houses every month.  Each house has a specific theme that ignites a particular area of your life, meaning that each area of your life is focused on for a short period of time every month.  There are 8 Phases of the Moon, that begin on the New Moon.  Since the Moon changes signs every 2-3 days you will learn about the moon void of course and how this will play into your daily activities.  It is important not to schedule or book a life event during a Moon Void of Course!  This will give you the edge on fortune outcomes for everything you plan.

Each of these workshops will be approximately 2 hours long (I do tend to go over a bit).  Part 1 is on Wednesday, September 22, from 3-5 pm, Part 2 is on Wednesday, September 29 from 3-5 pm; Part 3 is on Wednesday, October 6 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

This is your opportunity to join this fun class!