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Restructuring is a powerful method of deconstructing thought patterns from the subconscious and unconscious mind by exploring the multi-dimensional nature of the psyche to release deep dysfunctional patterns. This is a highly focused method of accessing and altering the conscious and subconscious logic structure, which are the root of behavior patterns.

What Is Restructuring?

Restructuring is a transformational counseling process that empowers individuals to un-create reactive response patterns to past trauma and restore lost resources through a gentle heartfelt process.

This process begins with a discussion to find one *Core Issue*, of what you truly desire to change. Targeting the root of where it all began, you will be *Regressed* to either in the past in this life or a past life.

You are supported throughout the whole process and able to dialogue with me, while you are regressed. At this time, you will be exploring the events of the past, using a process method to release limiting beliefs, feelings and fears the mind created. This process is the key to transformation. Once all is released and forgiven you will meet your guides to determine if everything has been dealt with to alter the dysfunctional pattern. Once this session has been completed the changes will begin to integrate.

Restructuring was created and taught by Reverend Tom Cratsley, B.S. He is an exceptionally gifted healer, counselor and teacher at the Fellowship of the Spirit and Lilydale, New York. Tom developed this breakthrough approach to healing to discover and release unconscious resistance patterns and heal them once and for all.

A Restructuring Session lasts 2 to 5 hours .  $260

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