My clients have said many good things about my work. Here are some that have been shared on my Facebook page or on the Spiritual Spa website:

  • Laura is an amazing person inside and out. From the moment that you meet her she is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. I book her R&R session once a month. It helps me re-centre myself, gain valuable perspective and allows me to release of the negative that no longer serves a purpose. Every time I leave, I feel more renewed and balanced. I highly recommend Laura of Miles of Smiles for anyone who is looking for a great person to talk to and to have a relaxing, energy healing experience. — Nicole
  • I have had such wonderful experiences while at The Spiritual Spa. Not only is the environment calming, healing and a loving space, both Tracy and Laura are wonderful. I’ve been receiving reflexology treatments from Laura for a few years now and find each treatment so very healing. Her intuitive feedback is always bang on. Thank you both Tracey and Laura for a wonderful experience each and every time! — Marybeth
  • I have been seeing Laura for reflexology for a little over a year and I notice a difference in how I feel immediately! Laura makes sessions fun, informative and so healing! She has also been sharing my astral numerology numbers and meanings and I was blown away! Laura is a gifted healer, psychic medium and just a beautiful soul! I totally recommend her services! — Sam
  • I won a free hand reflexology treatment with Laura and went in on Friday to take her up on it. My name was put in a draw when I signed up for Miles of Smiles newsletter! It was so nice to have your hands massaged, she also used the OM tuning forks and did a smudging, it is always so relaxing to be in her space. This was my second time going to see Laura, the first time was for an amazing 90 minute R&R session where she does 45 minutes of reflexology on your feet along with a Reiki treatment, smudging, essential oils, crystal healing, and uses tuning forks, definitely a resting and relaxing experience. Thanks Laura! — Julie
  • I recently had a reflexology appointment with Laura and was pleasantly surprised to notice that I experienced an immediate change in my posture. It has been remarkably better and I have been feeling much lighter and carrying my body better. We were not looking for at a posture issue when we started the treatment but I guess the energy was put where it was needed. Thank you Laura! — Dale
  • Laura is amazing at reflexology. What an amazing way to heal your entire body! I highly recommend her. Great energy. — Linda
  • I had a 90 minute treatment from Laura, it included reflexology of my hands and feet, along with smudging, crystal healing and reiki. Laura always gives me amazing spot on insight and guidance. I always leave my appointments feeling peacefully elated and refocused. I recommend all my friends and family! The ones that listen are amazed with the benefits of reflexology and energy healing. I love including our sessions as part of my self love regime! — Nina
  • Thank you for the amazing reflexology treatment today. I felt so relaxed and refreshed and calm. I just want to say thank you. You always make me feel happy. Your positive energy keeps me calm on the most stressful of days. Keep on smiling. I absolutely love all your inspirational self healing quotes and words of wisdom. Very uplifting. — Tamara
  • By far one of the best and most relaxing experiences ever! Definitely returning and letting all my friends know! Laura was dead on about alot of things and I feel like I got a free therapy session along with the reflexology and reiki! — Jennifer
  • You are amazing beyond belief. When you’ve worked on me I have very happy feet and body. I am grateful, you give awesome reflexology…. I am in heaven when you do my feet, you are truly gifted. — Giselle
  • My first experience with reflexology was a positive one. Laura was skillful with her technique and was quite adept in identifying the areas in my body where I was experiencing problems. The treatment was amazing and left me feeling very light and relaxed. I will definitely be returning for future treatments! — Terry
  • I went to Laura for a Reflexology treatment and feel incredible… I was so relaxed and refreshed after and even better in the days that followed… she is very knowledgeable about our bodies and their energy… she also took the time to explain everything as she worked on my feet, and I especially liked the crystal grid she had done for me that was used in my session. I cannot wait until my next session! Thank you Laura for all that you put into your work! Blessing always! — Holly
  • What a great experience, Laura was wonderful! She was able to pinpoint all of my issues and provided useful solutions. She is a beautiful soul who guided me towards a brighter light and happier life. I would recommend a session with her to everyone. — Amanda
  • I love the reiki and reflexology, I always feel cleansed, balanced and in touch. Such a great way to relax and rejuvenate! I highly recommend these services to everyone! — Kayla
  • Beautiful fire, under an oak tree, great conversation with such a beautiful person and my feet are happy. Thank you for the relief from pain. So grateful… — Corinne
  • Had a Reiki treatment with Laura. It was outstanding, I have had Reiki and energy treatments done all over the country, this was one of the best! — Anne
  • Laura was amazing. She was very professional and thorough. One treatment session with her and I could tell the difference in how I felt. I will be back to see her again. — Michelle

  • If anyone is considering a Reflexology treatment in the future, contact Laura….she is amazing! — Nicole
  • She is the best reflexologist I have ever been to. — Margaret
  • I just had my first session of reflexology. I feel great. Laura is amazing. — Tammy
  • Your name is fitting because that is how I am greeted every time I walk in the door. With MILES OF SMILES. It only took one session for me to become hooked. I enjoy everything from the warm inviting atmosphere to the courteous professional sessions. I respect the fact that you explain everything in a way that I comprehend. The fact that you are in tune with everything little thing amazes me every single time. It is also a bonus that you offer gift certificates because that has been a perfect way to introduce many friends and family into the world of reflexology and reiki. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed each and every session and always leave feeling amazing. In a busy world where sometimes its hard to balance all that life has to throw at you. There is nothing like a relaxing reflexology/ reiki session to help your inner balance which will in return help with your over all balance. I look forward to introducing more friends to Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions. — Tami
  • The energy is fabulous as well as the people. I enjoy just visiting. Laura and Tracy are beautiful people. – Cathy
  • Laura does the best reflexology I’ve experienced. Having learned both massage therapy and reflexology myself, and having a session with her, I can say there’s nothing like it. Though only working on the feet and lower leg, Laura intuits the body’s and sometimes the spirit’s needs too — she treats much more than just the feet! It’ll be the best hour of your day. — Jonah
I am a path finder, helping people honour and respect themselves so they can walk in their Truth & be their Authentic Self.

To book a Reflexology or Energy Healing appointment, email me at laura@milesofsmiles.ca or text 905-321-8770. Appointments are available 10:00am – 7:00pm Tuesdays through Fridays. See also my page on Facebook, or read about me featured in Spiritual Niagara’s 2015 Spotlight. I’m also a member of Spiritual Niagara and Consciously Creating YOUR Business Mastermind, Niagara Falls Chapter. I’m located in The Spiritual Spa, Niagara Falls.