The Power of Maples and the Giant Sycamore

maple trees

sycamore tree

Maple Trees, like the two pictured on the left, help you balance the male and female energies within you and in your relationships with others.

There are over a dozen species of maple trees. I have always loved playing with the helicopters or seeds from the tree. I recently went on a trip with a friend to visit areas in Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Port Colborne and Fort Erie. The trees in these pictures are just outside of the fort, in Fort Erie.

A fascinating part of this trip was, as we were driving along Thunderbay Rd in Ridgeway, both of us were looking in wonder as we approached a shower of maple keys from a tree along side of the road. It was a magical site, that left us with a joyous memory.

The beautiful maples tree have energies of sweet promise and aspiration. They awaken our inner fire, sharpen our intuition and enhance our creativity.

On the right is a picture from inside the actual Fort Erie, of a Sycamore Tree. I had spent a few hours walking around the outside and then the inside of the Fort and nearing the end I came to this beautiful Sycamore Tree. By this time my feet were tired and hot, and I appreciated its sheltering shade!

I read online that “the sycamore is found in low lying areas, near streams or where water flows or gathers. It likes to soak its feet in the water, and for those to whom the sycamore comes as a messenger, exploring foot reflexology and foot baths can be a tremendous health benefit.

Sycamore energies help prevent atrophy of higher abilities the individual has brought into this lifetime. It is a reminder to build on old gifts and to express them in new ways; it can open communication between the conscious and subconscious minds when used in meditation and magical practices. It strengthens the life force of the individual and brings opportunities to receive intuitive and spiritual gifts from the universe.

The sycamore is also a sign that gifts are on the horizon. These gifts may come in the form of assistance, compliments, etc. It is important to receive them graciously, for if we do not receive the little things, the universe will not bring us the big things. It holds the knowledge of the laws of abundance and how to utilize them to your greatest benefit. It also has the knowledge of hidden treasures of the Earth. The sycamore awakens the feminine energies of intuition, beauty and nourishment around us. It can open us to the energies of love and Nature and all their magnificent aspects. The sycamore will augment all connections to Nature, and its appearance in our life encourages us to draw upon the realm of Nature for health, abundance and inspiration.”