Times of reflection

I was sitting under the oak tree, reflecting and all I wanted to do today was reflect and meditate. While I was reflecting I started thinking and trying to understand why am I sitting here — I have things to do. I am sitting still not progressing forward; I have things to write, schedules to make, emails to send out and deadlines of articles that need to be completed, and all I want to is sit under the oak tree and reflect.

All the sudden my mind wandered, I remember seeing a squirrel in the tree yesterday, right at the edge of the branch; I thought it may fall out because it was weighing the branch down so much and it was right at the edge. Then I thought, maybe it was looking for acorns. Hmmm! I haven’t seen any acorns this year. I went to get up to look; as I looked down on the ground as I went to step, I saw many tiny little acorns!

The symbolism of acorns is growth and unlimited potential, because the acorn is the seed of the oak tree. The acorn, in its dormant state, reminds us that we, too, need periods of rest/dormancy and periods of growth. The wise and humble oak has great wisdom, and reflecting under its beautiful canopy reminds me of the importance of living within the season, with grace and harmony. The acorn teaches me about my potential and how one acorn can grow into a massive oak and seed a whole forest. The oak tree is only partially seen; the massive root system of an oak tree is as tall and wide as the tree itself. This teaches me that there is much to living and the unseen in our journey is ahead on the path. So by sitting under the oak tree today I am doing something that is connecting with earth, ground and manifesting for days to come. Inner personal work is always being done even if it is observed as nothing.

P.S. If you’d like to experience the power and wisdom that can come from meditating under the Oak, inquire about my regular Under the Oak Tree sessions.