Welcome to November

October was a pivot point! Did you feel the movement, changes & shifts?

It has been a wild ride this year with waves of energy that felt like push/pull movement, shaking you up, shifting and rocking you into position to align you with your highest frequency. On October 31, there was a Full Moon in Taurus aka Blue Moon, because it was the second full moon during this month. This is a “Powerful Radical Awakening” that will affect you personally, as well as globally as we enter November.

This dynamic Full Moon with the Sun in Scorpio opposite the Moon in Taurus conjunct to Uranus at 8°, which electrified the powerful changes and shifts that are breaking through the barriers and uncovering what is hidden under the surface. Moving through layers of energy to get clear on, what is essential in your life and what is not!

The numbers 4 & 8 were significant during this Full Moon! #8 symbolizes empowerment, confidence, infinite energy, and the ability to overcome obstacles. #4 is about getting your life in order. Numbers 4 & 8 together represent “Destine and Fateful events”, it is karmic healing that is meant to transform you. This transformation needs to happen to free you from the stagnant energy.

Generally, Taurus is a very stable and grounded sign, however, Uranus is cracking through the foundation to help you see what is under the surface. Currently, security including your finances and stability is a huge theme! Usually, when you feel insecure and unstable, the first thing that you have been programmed to feel is “Fear”, this is a response that has been learned. Trust in the divine power and wisdom, your connection with the Universe, Source, Creator, or God of your understanding. The support will be given to you through your intuition, and it is best to have an open mind, release the fear of trying to figure out everything yourself. The Higher Powers have progressive ideas that you probably never thought of being possible for you.

November is the 11th month of the year!
The 11 gateway or portal that is opened to the Higher Power, allows the information to be downloaded from the internal navigation system as the intuitive message gives you the road map to trust the path that you are on now!
Fear will block you from receiving the messages that you need to hear. Surrender the fear and open to enlightenment!

November is Universal Month 6
The number 6 looks like a pregnant mother, ready to give birth. It is time to birth all the things that you are working on. The theme for November is Home – Family – Love – Healing & Responsibility! Taking responsibility for your own actions. Love is the most powerful healing energy! Being unconditionally loving to yourself is the most important when you love yourself, then you can emanate this love to others.

Purging “Old Patterns”!
Being human we are pulled to listen to external influences, pull you into the drama, or react to a situation. This can trigger an extreme response, argue your point, become judgemental, or even aggressive. These outside distractions block you from listening to your intuition.
As we enter November Mercury and Mars are still in retrograde, both are personal planets! When planets are in their retrograde, it is time to review, reorganize, reprogramming, reprioritize, reassess, reconsider, and above all “RELAX” and Heal!

The first week of November could feel very confusing, still feeling the effects of the Full Moon. Mercury in Libra moves direct on November 3 at 25°. The day of the Presidential Election in the USA.
Mercury governs communication, messages, ideas, the ability to analyze, sort, group things together. Mercury moves back into Scorpio on November 11 and this could spark conversations that could unveil profound truths.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by the planet Pluto before it was discovered, Mars was the ruling planet. When we are moving through this time of the year, you seek the truth, observe, dig deep into emotional parts of you to heal, trust your intuition, experience the death of something that you need to purge so that you can transform.

Guard against jealousy, manipulation, power games, control, stealing, betrayal, or hiding secrets.
Times of transformation can be emotionally messy! Some of the emotional energy may have been stuck for some time. It’s all part of birthing a new life, a new way of being.

Jupiter and Pluto are exact at 22° of Capricorn from November 8-13. Pluto has been at 22° a few times this year, this process required you to purge controlling attitudes and behaviors, deep healing, and come to a deeper understanding of yourselves. With this conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, you are finishing up this deep transformation with the confidence and clarity to follow through with your decisions.

Mars will station direct on November 13 at 15° of Aries, it wants to move forward, but that does not happen until the end of the month. Mars is our primal energy, survival instincts, drive, determination, enthusiasm, and confidence. If you are feeling extra tired this could be the reason! There is spiritual alchemy happening with Mars and that is transforming the shadow sides of impatience, rash, impulsive, and aggression.

New Moon in Scorpio at 23° on November 14-15.
#23 is the “Royal Star of the Lion” which gives you the courage and strength to move through this intense new moon as you move through the wisdom of the emotional truth, there is no going back to the way life used to be. You may experience an energetic death, and there can be grief associated with it. This is where you understand more about your emotional programming and your emotional needs.

This New Moon is showing you new potentials of moving out of the darkness into the light with a surge of power to help you implement the necessary changes and support for this transformation. Remember you have been building and developing this transformation since January with the help of the Capricorn planets. You are meant to be a new version of yourself with new commitments, new goals, and new sense of purpose.

Venus-Divine Feminine and Mars-Sacred Masculine are doing a dance that is harmonizing the energy between them. Mars is revving up its engine now that it is in direct motion, moving slowly until the end of November.

This would be a great time to assess your transformation! Take note of all your growth with everything that you have been through this year!

Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus at 9° on November 17
This is the third and final time that Mercury opposes Uranus. During October and the first half of November, there is a decision being made that could surprise you. This is something that is moving you forward and taking you out of your comfort zone. This brings up the energy of the Full Moon on October 31. Mercury the messenger brings in new information that helps with what would work best for you with the next step.

Sun moves into Sagittarius – November 21-December 21
Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. When traveling through Sagittarius you will feel adventurous, want to explore, seek to understand the world, justice, explores different philosophies, educate yourself, review your beliefs, and connect to your Spirituality. The energy is positive, wise, and trustworthy.

Full Moon in Gemini & Lunar Eclipse at 9° on November 30
The last time we had a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini was in 2012.
Gemini is fast-moving, talkative energy! It is lighter energy! Changes can be happening quickly with conversations and information. You have a new understanding, Gemini is how we think, process, and perceive things. You are making new plans because finally, you can see the bigger picture.
You have developed confidence because you have done deep healing throughout this year. Your daily priorities have shifted and now you are feeling motived with a new direction. It’s time to lighten up and have some fun! Gemini is a mutable sign, and it is asking you to be more flexible, adaptable, and open to change. Things will be moving quickly, be alert, you do not want to miss anything. This is a turning point!

Divine Blessings!!