What is Reflexology?

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reflexology in history, Egyptian reflexologistReflexology historically was found in many cultures, including in China, India, Egypt, and Europe. Dr. William Fitzgerald is credited with being the father of modern reflexology. Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, directed to the feet. It is based on the theory that there are zones and reflexes on the foot which correspond to and are relative to all parts, glands and organs of the entire body.

How Does Reflexology Work?

When the reflexes are stimulated and the foot and leg muscles massaged, the body’s natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages in the corresponding zones. Manipulating specific reflexes removes stress, activating a parasympathetic (nervous system) response in the body to enable the blockages to be released by a physiological change in the body. With stress removed and circulation enhanced, the body is allowed to return to a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the “automatic” process that the body incorporates to bring it back to the “normal” state.

A Reflexology Session

Reflexology sessions are for people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly, for a general tune-up or for a chronically ill body. The vast majority of people usually realize the benefits of reducing stress, which in turn minimizes physical symptoms. Reflexology in conjunction with other forms of therapies complements ongoing medical treatments. A complete session on both feet is always performed. A session will last between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the client’s requirements.

The pressure used in reflexology ranges from 0 to 10 lbs. There is no pain. Reflexes are worked according to the body’s requirements. Stress removal is the first priority, followed by enhanced circulation with attention paid to reflexes relative to the body requirements. See a description of the various types of reflexology sessions I offer.

The Benefits of Foot Reflexology Session

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Known benefits of foot reflexology include:

    • Relaxation with the removal of stress & tension
    • Enhance circulation
    • Assists the body to normalize metabolism naturally
    • Complements all other healing modalities
    • Prevents or Eliminates Headaches/Migraines
    • Decreases the duration of menstrual cycles and intensity of menstrual pain/cramps
    • Assist the body with normalizing Hormone secretion
    • Removes symptoms of Menopause.
    • Complements Cancer Treatments
    • Beneficial for post-operative recovery and pain reduction
    • Promotion of restful sleep
    • Assistance with elimination or reduction of digestive problems
    • Pain reduction
    • Assist birthing / delivery / post-partum recovery
    • Overall wellness and improved mental health
    • Boosts Immune System

See my talk on Reflexology at Spiritual Niagara’s Speaker Event Series (February 2017) at youtube.
Reflexology is an ancient natural healing therapy that uses subtle energies of the feet to create balance and harmony

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