You Can Heal Your Life

I believe in the teachings of Louise Hay, who says that “You Can Heal Your Life”. You can dig deep within yourself to understand the underlying cause of the imbalance. We know how important it is to balance ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When I do reflexology or reiki sessions, my intention is to create a balanced environment in your body, by increasing circulation, by removing the stress or tension. With circulation enhanced blockages are released, and when stress/tension removed the body can return to “Homeostasis,” or its “normal state” of being. As I stimulate each and every reflex in the body I also work on the endocrine system, which consists of all all your glands and is the body’s “control system”.

Each of these glands also represents one of the chakra centers. The glands each secrete hormones that regulate functions throughout the body and they need to be balanced in order for us to feel and be well. Just like, when one chakra is out of balance it cannot generate the free flow of energy that is needed for us to be healthy.

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