Goodbye, April!  Whew!  Hello May!!

We are in Universal Year 5 and May is the 5th month of the year, adding this together gives us 10, reducing it further results in the #1.  This is the beginning, a fresh new start in Universal Year 5!  The pivot point of changes, movement, shifts, and rocking into that comfortable position.  5 offers you a lot of opportunities, decisions will be made quickly, and risks will be a part of the experience.  Exploring all your options, experiencing new adventures, and finding the freedom that you seek are all part of 2021. It’s important to welcome this major change, this will increase personal growth, and inevitably Evolution!

Entering May, this new beginning energy, places you on an entirely “New Road”. What does this road look like? How different is it from before? Well, that is totally up to you! April was a 9-universal month, all about purging behaviours, habits, people, investments that no longer serve you! As long as, you released everything necessary for this new energy, you will have a clean slate to begin reprogramming your mind, body, and soul.

When using the energy of the #10, the key is to be optimistic, positive, and knowing that you can do anything! 10 is the instant manifestation number, a truly fortunate number, as long as you are connecting with this energy from a place of high vibration and abundance. This is a time to start new projects, create new goals, and initiate action towards your plans.

If you have not gone through the process of sitting with your emotions and releasing all that no longer serves you, then you will be asked to do that during May!  Daily spiritual practice allows you to reflect, release and heal – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Some suggestions if you are looking into starting a daily practice: daily gratitude, journaling, yoga, breathe work, tai chi, chi gong, and meditation.

In the Stars on April 24 Mars entered Cancer!  Mars governs our instinctive energy, sexual drive, and action-oriented activity.  Let’s take a look at where Mars has been so far in 2021!  As we started the year in January, Mars was in its home sign of Aries, encouraging you to take action.  Next Mars was in Taurus urging you to work towards long-term goals.  Then Mars in Gemini asking you to learn something new.  Now Mars is in Cancer and it’s asking you to get in touch with your feelings and sit with your emotions from the experiences that you have had over the last 4 four months.  It’s time to figure things out and integrate what you learn, the changes that you make now will change who you are deep down.

Mars tends to react!  My advice during this time of Mars in Cancer is to be patient:  wait, contemplate, sit with your emotions, and feel the feelings until you can release them.  When you are ready and feel confident you can move forward towards your goals.

On April 29th Pluto began its yearly Retrograde!  Even though Pluto is one of the outer planets the effect of its energy is still significant.  Pluto reveals what is hidden below the surface – your deepest fears, hopes, and desires.  For the next 5 months take the opportunity to review, reflect and reassess areas in your life that you may have a desire for power and control.  It can be a person, group, or organization that has power or control over you.  This is the time that you can observe and take action.

Traveling through the Fixed – Earth sign Taurus is about being grounded, security, values, and financial flow.  At this point be inspired by art, music, romance, and fortune.  Fill your heart with love and happiness by recognizing and honoring that there is beauty in everything.

New Moon in Taurus on May 11 – 7 pm UTC (London UK), 3 pm EDT (New York), 12 pm PDT (West Coast).

New Moons are new beginnings this time around it is amplified because of the code with many 1’s.  Before this new moon, take advantage of the reflective energy and set your intentions for the upcoming month.

The Sun and Moon Taurus are at 21°, signifying a time of seeking the “Truth”.  Tune into abundance, and wealth generation.

Code of 11:11:11:11, the gateway to your healing, as you channel divine energy straight to the heart.  This new moon is on May 11, there is a square between Chiron and Mars both at 11° and Uranus at 11°.  A breakthrough in healing your primal energy!  This would be a good day to do extra meditations and quiet the mind to receive the messages that are coming through.

Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries 11°.  Mars is the ruler of Aries and Chiron the wounded healer. As Mars is moving through the sensitive, emotional, nurturing sign of Cancer, the aggressive tensions actions are fading as this square activates taking responsibility of your healing to become the Sacred Warrior by understanding how to express frustration in a positive way of assertiveness, not aggressive behaviour.

Observe the people in your life that are frustrating you and change the energy that you are sending them – no blame game, accusations, or judgment.  Learn to use the right amount of energy or force in any situation.  Turn to your internal powers and manifest what you truly want in your life.

Look at issues that have prevented you from moving forward.  Maybe there was a situation that made you feel unloved, someone in your childhood may have withheld love.  Nurture yourself by Forgiveness which heals your heart.

Pluto trine to the Sun & Moon is asking you to embrace this transformation of empowerment to your conscious and unconscious.

The sextile from the Sun & Moon to Neptune expands your Spirituality.  Neptune is very powerful in its home sign of Pisces, has been awakening people since it moves into Pisces in 2012.

Trine from Mercury to Saturn favors business dealings and gives you focus and concentration to get the work done.  Saturn can signify teachers or mentors!  Maybe you need a teacher/mentor or it is time for you to teach your specialty or offer mentorships.

Mercury enters the shadows of the retrograde on May 14th.

Mercury will be retrograding from May 31 to June 21.  Mercury governs all aspects of communication, technology, and electricity.    All retrogrades are a time of reflection, review, reassess, reorganize, reprioritize, reprogram, and reconsider, when communicating or expressing yourself through your words, either verbally or written.  This retrograde will be happening while the Sun is transiting through Gemini and Mercury is the ruler of this sign.

Full Moon in Sagittarius with a Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26 – 11:13 am UTC (London UK), 7:13 am EDT (New York), 4:13 am PDT (West Coast)    

The last eclipse season was November December of 2020 this was asking you to educate yourself to be able to express yourself with the new information that you learned.  Reflect for a moment on what you have learned and changed in your life.  Eclipses affect you for 6 months!

Sun is in Gemini at 5° and Moon in Sagittarius at 5° – communication and higher education.  With the Universal Year 5 at the time of this Total Lunar Eclipse, a portal 5:5:5 opens to rock us into embracing change.

T-square to Jupiter helping you to act on fortunate events.  Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, where this Eclipse is taking place.  This gives you the activation of financial flow, wisdom, expansion, well-being, luck, and fortunate outcomes.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini gives you the ability to focus on love, abundance, pleasure, and values.

Mars in Cancer 20° is trine to Neptune in Pisces 22°, Awakening to building a life of inner peace!

Chiron in Aries 11° sextile to Saturn in Aquarius 13°, being true to who you are at soul level.  Saturn is asking you to do the work and take responsibility for your healing – mental, emotional, and physical.

Remember May 31, Mercury begins its 3 weeks of Retrograde!

Divine Blessings,

Laura Canal