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Hello February!

As we move into February there is still the vibrational resonance of the New Moon in Leo that happened on January 28 and Mercury Retrograde January 30-February 20. The New Moon in Leo at 9° has an effect over us until the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11. The energy can be turbulent and […]

Welcome the New Year of 2021!

Happy New Year 2021! Welcome to a New Year with a new energy that encompasses change, shifts, and liberation! Trust that the universe has your back! All the events that you witnessed during 2020 were divinely guided for a Greater Purpose that our limited mind may yet to understand. 2020 was the year that was […]

Welcome to November

October was a pivot point! Did you feel the movement, changes & shifts? It has been a wild ride this year with waves of energy that felt like push/pull movement, shaking you up, shifting and rocking you into position to align you with your highest frequency. On October 31, there was a Full Moon in […]

Ultimate Potential!

What is your Ultimate Potential? Over the past 4 months, I have been reflecting on this subject and I wanted to share this with you! During our lifetime we have had the limiting beliefs that we are who we are and cannot change the family we were born into and the beliefs that we were […]

Girls’ Night Get-Together

Introducing a new way of learning and experiencing healing in a group of your choosing! Many of my clients have been asking me to put together meditations and healing sessions for them to enjoy with their friends and family. Here it is! Do you want something different to do for your next Girls Night in […]

Under the Oak Tree meditation

I love the warmer weather; this is the time of year to begin the Under the Oak Tree Meditations. Once again these meditations will be held throughout the summer and fall months in a sacred space under the canopy of the majestic Oak Tree, relaxing around the fire pit, listening to beautiful music. This year […]

Spiritual Niagara’s Newsletter Spotlight

I’m featured in Spiritual Niagara’s August 2015 newsletter “Spotlight”. The whole newsletter is online here, and my pages are shown below:download PDF

Times of reflection

I was sitting under the oak tree, reflecting and all I wanted to do today was reflect and meditate. While I was reflecting I started thinking and trying to understand why am I sitting here — I have things to do. I am sitting still not progressing forward; I have things to write, schedules to […]

Gift of Clarity

Light workers are individuals that wanted the experience to lead mankind; to light the path for those that are in darkness or in the shadowy areas straddling the light and darkness. The day before the New Moon is the Dark moon — this is a time for deep reflection and contemplation. Opening a circle of […]

Under the Oak Tree meditations

In the seasons of warm weather I host regular meditations under this beautiful, wise tree, held in a quiet location in Niagara Falls (Ontario). See dates on the events calendar. These meditations are held throughout the summer and fall months in a sacred space under the canopy of the majestic Oak Tree, relaxing around the […]