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The knowledge of an invisible energy that flows through all living things has been part of the wisdom of many cultures for thousands of years.

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Energy Healing Sesson

Lay back for optimal relaxation, close your eyes, breathing deeply and allow the energy to flow through you!  This Energy Healing Session is a unique combination for the highest and best of the individual.  Tapping into Life force energy, the power of water, mental, emotional, and physical aspects to assist the body to release blockages, cleansing negative energy, and balancing all energy centers.  Focused intention as the Divine Energy is channelled to support and activate the body’s natural healing abilities.  At the end of the Energy Session, you will receive Intuitive Feedback.


R&R Session

Are you ready for an “Ultimate Experience”, that will raise your vibration to the next level?  You can choose form 90-minute session or 2 hour session which adds a 30 minute Reading to the regular R&R Session.

Beginning with Foot Reflexology for approximately 45 minutes, then you will experience the vibrations of the Tuning Forks.  You will experience 2 types of Tuning Forks the Ohm Octave and Chakra, they create beautiful healing music that will fully charge the flow of Ki/Qui/Chi Universal Energy and raise your vibration. Next, crystals will be place on your body, each of the crystals is specific for the chakra it is placed on.

Then you will receive Energy Healing, it is a combination of Reiki, Aqualead, Integrative Energy Therapy and Spiritual Healing.  You will melt away all stress and tension in a relaxing setting.

At the end of the session, you will receive Intuitive Feedback.


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Energy Healing, R&R 90 Min., R&R – 2 hrs